Hi everyone! Its been a long time since I blogged and I thought to get back into the swing of everything, I thought of designing a new blog, with a new domain and title; I thought my previous blog limited my discourse to everything Eurovision and I wanted to broaden it a bit more to talk about all things identity related. My research still has the Eurovision Song Contest at its centre, and no doubt it will still feature heavily on this blog, but I think ‘The Identity Tilt’ more or less describes what I want to talk about within the Eurovision Song Contest as well as other fandoms and perspectives – call it a multi-discplinary approach to identity politics.

‘The Identity Tilt’ came about through a brainstorm and a chat with some of my Eurovision friends, I thought well identity politics is central to my research questions and how these are constructed and contested within various spaces – so I thought identity should be there. Then I began to think outside the box and think of another word or words to describe this. Then I thought well actually the Christine and the Queens song ‘Tilted’ seems to embodied the multi-faceted nature and experience of identities, so hey presto, I included it! So hopefully this blog will prove insightful and interesting to you the reader, and I hope its useful for me to discuss my academic exploits and readings of various cultural texts!

My previous blog ‘The Eurovision Fandom Blog’ still exists and you can probably see that I’ve fiddled around with the theme, which is the same here now! This will be archived and can still be accessed if you wish to click your mouse in that vicinity (I’m sure there’s a Eurovision song lyric in there somewhere!), but I’ll no longer be updating it, so please follow me here at The Identity Tilt!